HillTop CMS User Guide

Your guide to the HillTop Content Management System (CMS)

   Edition 1

   Published by

   GSL Solutions, Inc.
   Tampa, Florida
   United States of America


This web site provides details about HillTop's major program functions and operational concepts.  Topics covered in this web site relate to the knowledge required to understand and master HillTop as well as the general use of the application.

Website Navigation


If you are just getting started with HillTop, the Overview page is a good place to start.  Here you will find a description of the HillTop application as a whole.  In addition, you will find a list of the benefits HillTop provides over competitors as well as a list of all the features provided by HillTop.

How-To Guide

The How-To Guide will be your main tool on this website. This tab provides walk through instructions on how to use HillTop.  Here you can learn how to do anything from creating web pages to completeing advanced developer actions.


To learn more about HillTop in general terms, view the Functionality tab.  Here you will find a short description of how the program is organized into seven tabs.  Then there is a brief summary of the functionality of each of those tabs in HillTop.


If you are going through the walk through guides and come across any unfamiliar terms within the website, take a glance at the Glossary.  Chances are that you will find a definition of that term here.