WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. This page details the features available on the WYSIWYG toolbar, to help you format your content.

The following sections list each of the buttons contained in the WYSIWYG Toolbar, and explains their function.


The WYSIWYG toolbar is found wherever you can create text-based content, such as in Text Blocks and Posts.  Below you will find descriptions for the each of the toolbar's functions.


In the bottom right-hand corner of the content area window, there are three diagonal lines. Click and drag this corner to expand and resize the content area.

First Row

Font Styles

Highlight your text and use these three buttons to make text bold, italic or underlined.

Align text, images, or other content with left, right, center, or full justification.
Text Format

Text Format

Highlight your text and use this drop-down menu to format your text with a variety of different styles.
Select Font Color /Highlight

These buttons provide drop-down menus that allow you to select the color or your text, or apply highlighting.
Insert/Edit Link

To insert or edit a link, highlight your text and click this button. A pop-up dialog will appear that allows you enter the details of your link. For more information, see Links


To remove a link, highlight the linked text and click this button.
Insert/Edit Anchor

Anchor Tag

Clicking this button will prompt you to enter an "anchor name," which is created at the cursor position. 

The "anchor name" is used to create an "anchor link," which will link to the anchor name's position on the page. To create an anchor link, enter "#(anchor name)" in the URL field, when using the Edit/Insert Link button.


Second Row



Paste content from your clipboard at the current cursor position.
Paste as Plain Text

Paste as Plain Text

Pasting content with this button will strip your copied content of all formatting.
Paste from Word

Paste from Word

If you have copied content from MS Word, this button will paste the content with its formatting stripped.

Most MS Word formatting is incompatible with HTML, and will display improperly.

Toggle Spell Checker

This button turns the spell checker on or off.


Searches content area for specific text. Select "Replace" to substitute selected text with new text.


Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Re-do (Ctrl+Y) changes made to the content.
Bulleted List and Numbered List


Select text, then click this button to create a bullet point or numbered list.


Clicking the indent button will indent the content at the cursor position.
Custom Characters

Custom Characters

Click this button and select a custom character to insert at the cursor position.
Insert/Edit Image

Insert Image

Click to insert or edit an image. For more information, see Adding Images.


Third Row

Insert New Table

New Table

This button inserts a new table into your TextBlock.
Table Row Properties/Table Cell Properties

Table Row Properties

These buttons will allow you to edit the values of your table's rows and cells, respectively.
Insert Row Before/ Insert Row After/ Delete Row

Insert/Delete Row

These buttons will allow you to edit your current table by inserting and deleting rows relative to the current selected row.
Insert Column Before/ Insert Column After/ Delete Column

Insert/Delete Column

These buttons will allow you to edit your current table by inserting and deleting columns relative to the current selected column.
Split Merged Table Cells
/ Merge Table Cells


These buttons will allow you to Split or Merge your selected table cells.
Table Properties

Table Properties

You will use the "Table Properties" to format the table. This window will appear after clicking the "Insert New Table" button. It can also be used to edit existing tables by clicking inside the table content area, then right clicking and selecting "Table Properties" from the pop-up menu.
Generate Keywords



This button will send the images and text within the content area of your table to a connected printer.
Toggle Full Screen Mode

Toggle Fullscreen Mode

Click to expand content area and fill the screen. Click again to return to standard view.


Click to preview a text only version of your table's content area.
Edit HTML Source


Click to view and edit the HTML code for your table's content area.