HillTop Content Management System

HillTop is an advanced, versatile, yet easy to use CMS (Content Management System). It is used to organize, update, maintain, and publish Web site content. HillTop allows users with basic computer skills to publish and manage text, images, audio, video, online forms, e-mail applications, and more through a single, user-friendly interface. GSL Solutions developed HillTop specifically to meet the demands of large governmental organizations that need highly dynamic Web content, and a variety of interactive functions for Web site visitors.

HillTop Benefits

HillTop's design focuses on security, convenience, efficiency, and ease of use. The following are some of HillTop's benefits:

  • HillTop's intuitive user interface allows users to quickly learn how to use HillTop's functions.
  • Users with no knowledge of computer programming or Web development can easily create and manage content with HillTop.
  • Users can customize HillTop to meet their specific duties and needs.
  • HillTop has built-in security features to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas and information.
  • Administrators can manage an extensive variety of permissions for individual users.
  • HillTop provides a single unified system for managing an organization's Web site(s).
  • HillTop allows users to use resources efficiently by internally sharing common content.
  • Preset templates maintain a consistent feel for a Web site and allow users to focus on producing content instead of page layouts and coding.
  • Most importantly, HillTop saves time and money by making Web content management as simple and efficient as possible for users of virtually any skill level.

HillTop Features

HillTop allows users to perform a variety of tasks related to content management. The following are some of HillTop's primary features:
  • Page creation and management
  • Post creation and management
  • Content warehousing
  • Organization of content with labels and label types
  • Online form creation
  • Comment moderation
  • E-mail management
  • Visitor subscription service
  • Data reporting
  • Frequently asked questions management
  • Site search capabilities
  • User account management
  • Post browser implementation
  • Site feed capabilities (RSS, XML, Podcast, etc.)