This is a glossary of all the terms in this website that may need further explaining.  Use the links below to quickly navigate to any specific term you need to understand.
A brief text summary of a content item. Return to Top
Active Content
Content that is visible to the public. Return to Top
One who controls system access to users and manages advanced system features. Return to Top
Blog Post
A post offering insight or an opinion about an idea. Return to Top
By Line
An entry indicating the author of a post. Return to Top
A content management system used to organize, maintain, and update a Web site. Return to Top
Content posted by visitors in response to comment-enabled posts. Return to Top
A customizable display of program functions organized into groups according to their common uses. Return to Top
Embargo Date
A date when content will not be visible to the public. Return to Top
Featured Content
Content designated to be displayed on a Web site according to conventions set by the content manager. Return to Top
An interactive Web page with active fields allowing users to enter and submit data to the system. Return to Top
A unit of visual content such as a photo, graphic, etc. Return to Top
Inactive Content
Content that is in the system but is not currently visible to the public. Return to Top
A defining mechanism for tagging content according to its related topics.
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Label Type
An overall class of labels that needs to be created before individual labels in order to give them a place to reside. (See the definition of Label for more information.) Return to Top
A link is a web portal that leads to another web page or section such as the "Return to Top" below this definition.
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Content the can not be altered by those without permission. Return to Top
The ability to control which comments are visible to the public on the Web site. Return to Top
An assembly of digital content displayed on a Web site. Return to Top
Permissions, granted by an administrator, grant account holders specific privileges and access to the system. Return to Top
A plugin is an additional ability that can be added to HillTop to expand the program functionality.
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A Web site entry primarily used to publicize information, such as a press release or blog post.  It is recurring data and content categorized by type and possibly label.
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Post Browser
A tool for displaying and organizing links to recent content such as press releases or blog posts on a page.  It can be used to narrow a search for specific links. Return to Top
Post Type
An overall class of posts.  It is the same idea as a label type but for posts instead of labels. Return to Top
Press Release
A post used to convey information to the media. Return to Top
A redirect will send Web site visitors to another page by default. Return to Top
Site Tools
A collection of application features for moderating comments, managing labels, altering settings, etc. Return to Top
Uniform Resource Locator, used to designate a specific virtual location of content on the web. Return to Top
User Groups
A collection of users who share common permissions and system access levels. Return to Top
A virtual stockroom for Web site content such as text, images, video, etc. Return to Top
A numerical value assigning priority to content (lower weight values give items priority over items with greater weight values). Return to Top
Used as an abbreviation for What You See Is What You Get.  WYSIWYG editors display content as it will actually appear once published on a Web site. 
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