This page provides an overview of HillTop's major program functions and operational concepts. Topics covered in this section relate to the general use of the application.

Tab Descriptions

HillTop's main navigation menu uses a tabbed interface. Each tab links to a specific section of HillTop, which contains a set of related functions. For example, the Posts section includes functions for managing your Post Types and creating new Posts.

Note: The tabs available in your HillTop menu may vary, depending on your account settings and specific responsibilities within your organization.


The Dashboard is one of HillTop's most convenient and useful features. It allows you to access HillTop's most common functions from a single screen.

The Dashboard displays shortcuts to program functions (ex. "Add a new page," "Add a new post"), organized into separate groups. For example, in the "Pages" group, you will find the most common functions pertaining to the creation and editing of web pages. Others groups normally found on the Dashboard are Posts, Files, and Labels.

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The Pages section is one of the most commonly used sections in HillTop. In this section, you will find tools related to the management of Web pages. Here, you can perform functions such as creating a new page, or selecting a page to edit from a list of current pages. You can also use the "Quick Search" feature to locate a specific page. 

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The Posts section is also commonly used. Here, you will find tools related to the creation and editing of posts, such as for press releases or news articles. Existing Post Types will be displayed in separate groups on this page. In each available Post Type group, you will find options for adding new posts and vewing the existing posts.

In this section, you will find a variety of options for your posts. For example, you can set embargo dates, tag your posts with labels, and more. You can also search for individual Posts, within their Post Type, using the "Quick Search" box. 

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Site Tools

The Site Tools section includes a collection of some of HillTop's more advanced features. For example, if you have the appropriate access, you will find functions for moderating user comments and managing your site's members. This section also contains the tools for managing your Labels.

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In the Warehouse section, you will find tools for adding, updating, and accessing the various types of content you have uploaded or created. Here, you can find all of the image or document files you have uploaded to HillTop, as well as the content you have created in the form of Text Blocks or FAQs.

The Warehouse tab contains many valuable tools that will maximize your ability to share the new Web site resources you create and benefit from resources created by others.

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Communication Tools

The Communication Tools section is where you will find functions related to your subscribers, such as sending email newsletters. However, these functions have become deprecated, and are no longer officially supported.

The Communication Tools section of HillTop has been superceded by FrontRunner CMS, which features the most up-to-date communication functions, such as mass email management.

For more information about FrontRunner, call 1-888-473-0255, or email us.

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The Administration section contains tools for managing user accounts. Only administrators have access to these features. Provided you have an administrator account, you can use the tools in this section to create and delete user accounts, as well as set permissions for individual users. You can also standardize access levels for different classes of users by creating user groups.

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The Support section allows you to create and monitor your support tickets. The support ticket system allows you to quickly and easily communicate with the HillTop Support Team, whether to ask questions or request new features and updates to your Web site.

Current tickets can be monitored from this section, allowing you to view and respond to your support requests. Closed tickets are also archived in this section.

The HillTop Support Team can also be reached by emailing [email protected].

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