FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Question." Adding an FAQ to your page will create a question-and-answer style element that contains a list of questions that function as links, which will forward visitors to the respective answers, when clicked. An example of this can be viewed below the following tutorial.

This page will explain the process of adding a new FAQ to your Warehouse. Once an FAQ has been added to the Warehouse, it can be placed on any of your site's Web pages.

Note also, that you can add FAQs directly to the page you are editing by clicking the "FAQ" link, located under the "Add Content" heading in the right margin. Both methods will require you to complete the form discussed in the second step of this tutorial. 


Step 1 - Click Add new FAQ

Mouse over the "Warehouse" tab, located in the top menu of your HillTop Dashboard. From the drop-down menu, click the "FAQs" link. This will take you to a page that lists any existing FAQs. Next, click the "Add new FAQ" link, located in the right margin of the page.


Step 2 - Complete the Form

After clicking the link, you will be forwarded to the FAQ creation form, which contains two fields. Enter the question and answer in their respective fields. The content from the "Question" field will be formatted as a link, which forwards a visitor to the content in the "Answer" field. 

Optionally, you can attach a Label to your FAQ by clicking on any Label Type listed in the "Labels" section. The Label Types will expand to show the individual Labels, once clicked. Tick the check box next to any of the individual Labels you wish to apply.


Finish - Submit and Add to page

Once you have completed the form, click the "Submit" button to create your new FAQ.

Your new FAQ can be added to any existing Web page. While editing a page, click the "FAQ" link, located under the "Add Content" header in the right margin.  When the FAQ content block appears on your page, click the "Select Existing FAQs" button, located on the bottom of the block.

Next, a pop-up window will appear, which lists your existing FAQs alphabetically, by question.  Search or browse to the appropriate FAQ, then click the arrow icon, located to the right of the question, to select it. This process can be repeated to add multiple FAQs.

Once you have selected your FAQs, click the "Submit" button to add them to your page. 

FAQ Example

How Do I Create a Label Type?

To create a label type, in the top menu go to "Site Tools" -> "Labels" -> "Manage Label Types."  This will take you to the Label Types home page, which lists all of the currently active label types.

In the right hand sidebar menu, click on "Add Label Type."  This will take you to the add form.  Here, you can fill out the following fields:

  • Title: this is the main title for your label type.  This is required.
  • Name: this is an internal signifier for the label type that is used within Hilltop.  This is required.
  • Singular and Plural: these are the singular and plural forms of your label type, respectively.  For example, if your label type is "Issues", the singular would be "Issue" and the plural would be "Issues."  These are used when displaying labels of this label type on your site.  These are required.
  • Is Active: whether the label type can be displayed on your site.  This is required.
  • Weight: how the label type is sorted in comparison to other label types.  When using label types in filter boxes on post lists, the weight determines which label type is displayed first.
  • Content: some associated text.  This is not currently used by the public site.
  • Abstract: some abbreviated associated text.  This is not currently used by the public site.
  • Applications: these are the applications that you wish use the type with.  Currently only "Content Records" (a synonym of Posts) currently works.  This is required.

After you submit the form, the new label type will be displayed on the label types home page.

Special note: if you wish to use the label type with Posts, you will need to associate the type with the Post Types you wish to use it with.  Go to Posts -> Manage Post Types, and click the pencil next to the Post Type you wish to use it with.  Go to Affiliated Content and select the label type from the list of label types.  (You will also need to select labels here as well -- this is covered below).

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How Do I Create a Label?

Special note: make sure your label type has been added before you add a label.  Otherwise your label won't be available for use.

Go to "Site Tools" -> "Labels."  This is the label home page, and it displays a list of all labels in the system.  In the right hand sidebar menu, click on "Add new Label."  This will take you to the add label form.  You can fill out the following fields:

Type: the label type your label is under.  This is required.

Title: the title of your label.  This is required.

Name: the name of your label, used internally by the CMS.  This is required.

Singular and Plural: the singular and plural forms of your label, respectively.  These are used by the public site when displaying your label.

Is Active: whether the label is in use.  Marking this as "no" will hide the label from the public site.

Weight: how the label is ordered with other labels.

Children and Parent: children and parent labels of the label, respectively.  This is useful when creating labels in a hierarchical structure, such as nested folders.  An example might be "Blue" being a parent of "Light Blue" and "Navy", and a child of "Primary Colors."  A label can have more than one parent.

After the form is submitted, the label will be displayed with the other labels in the system on the label home page.

Special note: to use the new label with a post type, you will need to affiliate it with the post type.  Go to "Posts" -> "Manage Post Types", and click on the pencil next to the post type you wish to affiliate it with.  Under "Affiliated Content", go to "Labels" and check your label from the list provided.  (Make sure you have affiliated the label type of your new label with the post type -- see above.)  Submit the form and your label can now be used with posts of that type.

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How can I create Post Lists filtered by Labels?

Scroll over the "Posts" tab and select the Post Type where your Post list currently lives.  Click on the the pencil to edit the Post Type.  Scroll down to the Affiliated Content section. Now you can select the Label Type and specific Label you want to filter by.

The first box allows you to select which label types the user can filter by.  Selecting a label type will add a filter bar to the post list on your site, with a dropdown of all the active labels under that label type.  Selecting multiple label types will display multiple filter bars, which can be used in conjunction with each other.

The subsequent boxes allow you to pre-emptively filter the post list, limiting posts to those that are affiliated with the selected labels only.  Note that this is exclusive, meaning that if you pick more than one label, it will display only posts affiliated with all of the labels you selected.  For example, let's say you choose to filter the post list by labels "Blue" and "Green."  That post list will then display posts that are affiliated with both "Blue" and "Green" labels, but not posts that are only affiliated with the "Blue" or  the "Green" label.

Submit the form, and your post list will now be filtering by the options you selected.

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