HillTop includes a feature that allows you to crop images that have been added to your Warehouse. For example, you may wish to crop a tall or wide image, so that it does not appear "stretched" or "cut off" in your home page "Featured" gallery. The following steps explain the process.

Note - if an image has been added to any Content Element on the site, such as a Post, Text Block, or Image Gallery, it will also be stored in the Warehouse.

Step 1 - Navigate to your Images

To locate the image you wish to crop, mouse over the "Warehouse" link, located in the menu at the top of any HillTop page. Mousing over this link will create a drop-down menu. Next, mouse over the "Files" link to create a second drop-down menu. Finally, click on the "Images" link. This will bring you to a list of images in your Warehouse.

Images Menu Item

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Step 2 - Select the Image Size

Locate the appropriate image, then click the Edit button (pencil icon) to the left of the file name. This will bring you to the "Edit Image" page. Here you will select the image size you wish to crop. The available image sizes are listed in the right margin, and you must select a specific size before the image can be cropped. 

Each image size fulfills a specific function within HillTop. For example, if the image you wish to crop appears in a "Featured" section, such as a rotating homepage gallery, you would click the "Edit" link below the "Featured" heading. If the image appears in an image gallery, you would click the "Edit" link beneath the "Photo Gallery" heading, and so on. 

Edit Image Size

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Step 3 - Generate Image

Clicking the "Edit" button will forward you to the "Generate Image" page, where you can crop your image. Click and drag within the image preview to create your crop outline. The shaded area of the preview image will be removed when the crop is complete. You can click and drag as many times as necessary, within the preview window.

Note that the dimensions of the crop outline are relative to the image size you have selected in the previous step. For example, if you selected the "Featured" size, the crop outline will provide the correct dimensions for your "Featured" section, which will prevent stretching or shrinking.

Cropping Image

The "Crop Coords," "Image Size," and "Aspect Ratio" sections can be ignored. These values are automatically generated from the size and location of your crop outline. 

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Finish - Click "Submit"
Once you are satisfied with your crop outline, click the "Submit" button to crop the image. The cropped version will now replace the original version of the image, for your selected size. return to top