If you have Administrator access to your HillTop account, you can add new Administrator-level user accounts for additional individuals. The steps below explain the process.
1. Navigate to the "Users" Section

Begin by logging into HillTop, then mouse over the "Administration" link (located in the menu at the top of any HillTop page). In the drop-down menu, click on "Users." This will bring you to the "Users" section, where you can edit current users, remove users, and add new users.

Users link

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2. Add a New User

In the "Users" section, click the "Add new User" link, located under the "User Options" heading in the right sidebar. This will bring you to the "Add User" form.

Add User Link

Complete the form by first entering the new user's first and last name in their respective fields. Next, enter the user's email address and password. The email address entered here will be used in combination with the password to log into HillTop. 

Add User Form

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3. Assign User Group(s) and Create Account

Once you have filled out the user's information, locate the "Security Information" section. In this section, you will assign permissions to the new account. Note: An account that has not been assigned to a group will be unable to access HillTop's features.

  • If the user should have full access to HillTop, locate the "Built-In Groups" section and click the checkbox to assign the user to the "Administrator" group. Note: on most sites the "Administrator" group will be the only selectable option. 

  • If you site incorporates custom user groups, they will be listed in the "Your Groups" section. Use this section to assign the user to their appropriate User Group(s). Note: depending on how your custom user groups are set up, these groups may be used instead of assigning the full-access "Administrator" permission.

Once you have selected the appropriate User Group(s), click the "Submit" button to complete the process and create the new user account.

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