The Warehouse is a section within The Digital Bell that serves as a repository for the various types of content you can create or upload, including files, Text Blocks, images, and forms.

When content is added to a Web page, it is automatically stored to your Warehouse. This allows one Content Element, such as a Text Block or form, to be used in multiple locations throughout your site. If content is edited in the Warehouse, the changes will take effect in all locations that your content appears.

Warehouse Selection

Cropping Images

This tutorial explains how to crop images with HillTop's built-in image editing feature.

Developer Actions

Developer Actions are custom functions that can be added to your pages. This tutorial explains how to add a Developer Action to your Web page.



FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question.  This function allows you to add a "Question and Answer" style content element to your pages.



This article explains how to upload files to your Warehouse, such as documents or images. Files uploaded to your Warehouse can be attached to your Web pages, allowing your visitors to download them.



Forms are interactive Web pages, with fields that allow your visitors to enter and submit data to you. This tutorial explains how to create custom forms, using the FormBuilder application in The Digital Bell.



A link is a clickable element that leads to another web page or section. This tutorial explains how to add links to your Web pages.



This article will explain how to add content to your page with a Text Block. A Text Block is a Content Element that can be used to add text, images, tables, and more to your page.

Batch Upload Images

This tutorial explains how to upload multiple image files at once. Each image uploaded with this method will be stored in your Warehouse, for future use.

Changing the Recipient of Form Notification Emails

This tutorial will explain how to change the recipient of a form's notification emails, by entering a new email address.