GSL has integrated the Esri ArcGIS Web Mapping API into HillTop. This allows faculty and staff to add mapping functionality to their Posts. This feature provides Web site visitors with an ineractive map, which lists customized points-of-interest.

Potential points-of-interst include athletic events and practices, chorus recitals, art exhibitions, field trip locations, and more.

Overview of Maps

Esri Mapping Plug-in

Using the Esri mapping plug-in, you to easily attach content to a map coordinate, creating a point-of-interest (POI). Your content will include a title, and short description for your POI. While creating POIs, you can choose from a list of pre-made pin images and colors that are used to identify the location. 

Maps presented to your visitors are capable of sorting POIs, using Labels (more information here) that have been associated with your map-specific Posts. Visitors can also search by Zip Code and distance, to locate a specific POI. Your maps also contain a list of POIs, sorted by title, as seen in the sample image below.

Users can easily change the map background between Street View, Topographic, or Satellite using the included drop-down menu.

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How to Add Maps

Step 1 - Create a new Post Type

To place a map on your page, you will first need to create a map-specific Post Type. Start by creating a Post Type with an appropriate title, eg. "Map" or "Event Locations."  

To review how to create a Post Type, see Create a New Post Type.


Step 2 - Add Posts to your Post Type

Next, add Posts to your newly created Post Type. These Posts will contain the individual POIs that populate your map.  

Map controls are located in the "Map Location" section of the "Add Post" form. To review Post creation, see Create a New Post.

You will need to add a new Post for each POI. 

  • Coordinates: Search for you location in this field. Enter the street address, city, state, and zip code, then press the "Locate" button to generate a list of potential locations. Select the appropriate location by clicking on it.
  • Location Name:  Enter the Name of the Location.
  • Location Abstract:  Enter the content you would like to associate with your POI. For example, a description of the location itself, or of the event taking place there.
  • Location Icon:  Select a Mapping Icon to associate with your new POI.


Finish - Place your Map on a Page

To place your new map-specific Post Type on a page, first click on the "Pages" link in the top menu of your HillTop Dashboard. Next, select the appropriate page from your list of existing pages, and click the Edit button (pencil icon) to the left of the title.

In the page's content editor, locate the "Add Content Element" panel in the right margin, and click the link labeled "Post Types." In the newly created Post Type content block, click the "Settings" button, in the upper right hand corner. Under the "Display Options" tab, select "Map" from the "Layout" section. Also, ensure "Item(s) to Display" is set to "All."

For more detailed information on Post Type display options, see Add your Posts to a Page. Once you have finished editing your settings, click the "Submit" button to add your map to the page.

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