This tutorial will explain how to update prices on the Flag Request Form. Most sites have been updated to allow you to make this change within HillTop. If the site's Flag Request Form has not yet been updated, please contact to request this feature.

Updating the Flag Request Form

Step 1 - Edit the Flag Request Page

Begin by clicking the "Pages" link, located in the menu at the top of your HillTop Dashboard. This will bring you to a list of existing pages. Next, use the "quick search" box to search for "flag." The page containing the form will likely be titled "Flag Requests," or similar. Once you have located the appropriate page, click the Edit button (pencil icon) to the left of the page title. This will bring you to the page's content editor.

Note, some sites may have alternate flag request pages that are not currently in use (i.e. both "Flag Requests" and "Flag Requests New"). To determine which page is currently in use on the public site, open the home page, then use the site's menu options to navigate to the flag request page, as if you were a visitor.

Once you are viewing the flag request page, make a note of the URL in your browser's address bar. You should find the page name at the end of the URL (ex. "https://www. (...) /public/index.cfm/flag-requests" - where "flag-requests" is the page name). When viewing the list of pages, you will find the page name in the "Page" column. In the example image below, the page name is listed as "flag-requests." There may be differences in capitalization, however, as all page names are converted to lowercase in the URLs (ex. a page name of "FlagRequests" under the "Page" column will show up as "flagrequests" in your browser's address bar).

Locate the flag request page where the name in the "Page" column matches up with the public URL, then click the Edit button (pencil icon) to the left of the title.

Flag Request Page

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Step 2 - Edit the Form

In the content editor, scroll down until you locate the Developer Action Group that contains the order form, as shown in the example image. Most forms will be titled "Flag Request Form" or "Flag Order Form."

developer action group

Once you have located the Developer Action Group, click on "Flag Request Fom," below the blue Form Group header. This will bring up the form editing window.

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Step 3 - Update the Prices

Updating Individual Flag Prices

NoteSome, but not all, sites have been updated to include an Item for the Flying Fee. This update is designed to allow you to quickly and easily make a change to the Flying Fee. This Item will appear (usually at the top or bottom of the list) as "flyingFee" = "(number value)."

For sites with this update, you will only need to update the base prices of the flags and the Flying Fee, which are listed separetely. The Flying Fee value is then added to each flag that  should include the fee in its price. If your site includes this update, and only the Flying Fee has been increased, see Updating the Flying Fee. 

For sites that do not include this update, each of the flags that should include the Flying Fee in their price will need to be updated individually when the Flying Fee is increased, as explained below (ex. Flag cost + Flying Fee = number value).

In the editing window, locate the "Attributes" section. Here you should find entries in the left-hand column that reflect the flag sizes and material types, as well as whether the flag has an associated flying fee. 

For example, "wc3x5cotton" would represent a 3' x 5' cotton flag with a flying fee - wc = "with cost" &  woc = "without cost" (sites that only offer flags with a Flying Fee will not include any items with the "woc" prefix). 

Adjacent to the flag types, in the right column, you will find numbers that represent the current cost of the flag. 

flag form attributes

To update the price of the flags, locate the appropriate flag type, then edit the adjacent dollar amount to reflect the new pricing.

  • For forms that do not include the Flying Fee update, and only the Flying Fee has changed, you will only need to update the flag types that are prefixed with "wc" or "c," which include the fee in their total prices. 

    If the cost of the flags themselves have increased, all items will need to be updated to reflect the new base prices. After you have updated the appropriate prices, click the "Submit" button to finalize your changes. 

  • For forms that include the Flying Fee update, and the cost of the flags themselves have changed, you will need to update values for the base flag types (ex. 3x5Cotton, 3x5Nylon, etc.). Once finished, click "Submit" to save your changes.

    See below for updates to the Flying Fee.

Updating the Flying Fee

For sites that have been updated to include the Flying Fee separately, locate the "Attributes" section of the editing window. Here, you should see prices for individual flags (wc3x5cotton, wc3x5nylon, etc.), as well as an item labeled "flyingFee." Update the number value adjacent to "flyingFee" to reflect the new fee (i.e. if the new fee is $7.00, enter "7" in the adjacent field). 

 If you will only need to update the cost of the Flying Fee, the remaining entries can be ignored.

The value entered will automatically be added to each of the flags that include the Flying Fee in their cost. After entering the new value, click the "Submit" button to complete the process. The prices on the public page should now reflect the current Flying Fee cost.

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Step 3a - Optional: Update the Text Block

Some Flag Request pages include a Text Block, located under the Developer Action Group, that lists the flying fee, or other prices related to flag requests. If there is not a Text Block on the page that references pricing, you can ignore this step.

Flying Fee Pricing Text Block

If you have a Text Block with pricing information, click the Text Block to open the editing window. Next, edit the text in the "Content" section to reflect the new pricing. Once you have updated the text, click the "Submit" button to complete the process.

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Step 4 - Checking the Order Form

Now that you have updated the prices, you can test the form to ensure it is working properly. Click the "View on Website" button to see the public version of the page. Scroll down to the order form and select 2-3 flags to create a mock order.

After you have filled out the form, click the "Print Order Form" button. You should now see the printable order form for flag requests. Check to ensure that the amounts are correct, then close the page.

Flag Order Form

If there is a discrepency, repeat step 3 to ensure the prices are correct, then attempt this step again. If the amounts on the order form remain incorrect, contact

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