The Site Tools section of your Digital Bell Dashboard is a collection of settings and optional features for your Web site. Here you can set options for comment moderation, interface with your social media sites, manage your labels, configure advertisements, and more. 

The following tutorials will explain how to use the Site Tools to enhance and modify your Digital Bell Web site.

Site Tools Selection

Label Types

This tutorial explains how to create Label Types, which act as a categories for your Labels. Note, a Label Type must be created before you can create any individual Labels.



Labels are used to sort your content. By attaching Labels, you can easily filter and display your related content. This tutorial will teach you how to create and apply Labels.



If you want to block certain pages of the website to certain people, create members of the website.  Members get a user name and password to log in to any pages that are blocked.  You can add individual members as well as groups of members.



If you have enabled visitor comments, this tutorial will explain how to moderate submissions.



This article will explain how to redirect a link on your Web site to an alternate page.


Google Analytics

If you would like to view visitor statistics for your web site, this article will explain how to use Google Analytics for that purpose.