GSL Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the software that delivers The Digital Bell, HillTop, and Frontrunner services. This release of the software is considered to be an incremental release and contains minor feature improvements and a number of bug fixes.

What You'll Notice As Being Different

  • Display Added Photos In Their Original Size - in previous versions of the product, when photos that were smaller than the display area were uploaded, the image would be enlarged to fill the display box. Now the image size will only be increased until one side of the image comes into contact with the display box and then the enlargement will stop.
  • Change "Images" To "Photo Gallery" In The Add Content Section - to resolve feature ambiguity, the "Images" page element has been renamed to "Photo Gallery" to better represent the true functionality of the feature.
  • Show "Redirect" icon in Page list view and Edit screen when a page is being redirected - when the pages with a web site are listed, a green dot will be placed next to those pages that are redirects.
  • Update The School Athletic Calendar Feature To Support The Ability To Print Out A Full Season - each sport has it's own season and now the school athletic calendar understands that a season exists and permits the full season of the events related to sport to be printed out. [Digital Bell]
  • Create Attractive Formatting For The Printing Of School Athletic Calendar Information - when the school athletic calendar feature had been updated and incorporated into the main product, this feature had gone away. It has now once again been added. [Digital Bell]
  • Make Time Of Event An Optional Parameter When Creating Sporting Events - in previous versions of the school athletic calendar feature, a start time was a require field for all athletic events. In order to permit events to be scheduled way into the future when start times may not be known, this requirement has been removed. [Digital Bell]
  • Update The School Athletic Calendar Feature To Support Filtering Of Events - a single school athletic calendar can be used to display multiple school sports (e.g. football, baseball, etc.). Now the total contents of the school athletic calendar can be filtered to only display the sport that the user is interested in. [Digital Bell]
  • Print full year calendar - a full year of sports events can now be printed [Digital Bell]

Technical Change Notes:


  • Create FormAction for Form Redirect
  • Update Calendar components for full release
    • allow multiple separate calendar outputs on a page
    • fix list layouts
    • set starting date if id/EventInstance_id is provided
    • add occurence properties to events (for output/not data)
    • add relTimeSpan filter and clean-up timeSpan filter
    • clean up output (modal, styles, etc)
    • Add IsAllDay to Athletic Events

The Digital Bell and Frontrunner production software will be updated on Thursday, May 14th, between 11:00pm - 2:00am. The HillTop production software is planned to be updated on Wednesday, May 20th between 11:00pm - 2:00am. During this maintenance window customers may experience up to 60 minutes of service interruption during which you will be unable to access the service. Customers will still be able to open new trouble tickets during the entire maintenance window. If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact your Support team directly.

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