GSL Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of HillTop. This release of the software is considered to be an incremental release and contains minor feature improvements and a number of bug fixes.

Some of the Changes You'll Notice As Being Different

  • The User Dashboard has been extensively changed. All of the "plumbing and wiring" have been changed. You'll see some changes now and we're set up for easily making future changes. In this release, you'll see a change to the formatting of the user dashboard (we've changed corners from being rounded to now being squared). Also, we've reduced the number of individual modules that users can add to their user dashboard -- we've removed the modules that nobody was using. We've included the ability to to add modules for each individual Post Type in order to provide users with quicker access to the posts that they actually use. Finally, we've added a quick search feature so that you can find what you are looking for easier.
  • The login screen for HillTop has been updated. Now an image is displayed as a background and the user is presented with username / password login fields in the middle of the screen. Although the functionality has not been changed, the overall look is much more professional.
  • Selecting files to attach to a Post has been improved. In the past, when you had already added a file to your account's Warehouse and you wanted to attach one of these files to a Post, you had to go wading through everything that was in the Warehouse in order to find the file that you wanted. This is no longer the case with a quick search function and improved list view.
  • With the changes in this release, you are now presented with a much larger window which shows you all of the files that you have in your Warehouse. Now you can limit what files you see by file type (photos, videos, docs), the documents are listed in a "last added at the top" format with the thinking that you'll be most often working with the most recent files. If you know the name of the file that you are looking for, you can also use the new search feature to look for it.

Detailed Feature Improvement Highlights:

  • Add ExternalLink plugin handling to post view
  • Remove writeright function from events description output
  • Add e4 Better invalidate message handling
  • Throw error if account is not found
  • Fix nowrap breaking layout on Posts' Recently Updated list in sidebar when titles are lengthy

Detailed Bugfix Highlights:

  • 27608 - On Posts.Add the Map is poorly formatted and off c...
  • 27761 - User Error Causes "Submit" To Never Complete
  • 27831 - Edit screen for Forms does not show Title of form
  • 27594 - When Deleting A User Account, A Blank Page Is Disp…
  • 27759 - Selecting "Preview Page" Causes Error Message To B...

Technical Change Notes:



  • Add account Tags
  • Update masonry.js
  • Create and use Dashboard Widgets
  • Update jQuery scrollTo library from 1.4 to 1.4.13
  • Newer better Files.QuickSelect / form:multifile
  • Better Transaction reporting, integrate PaymentGateway info
  • Add BrainTree PaymentGatewayInstance interface
  • Login UI changes
  • Add Publisher permissions (NEEDS LIVE PERMISSIONS CHANGES)
  • Change form:image tag to use modal dialog selection
  • Add Link Scrub to Account Edit
  • Add select2-bootstrap CSS file and clearSelection JavaScript function
  • School Registration
  • Add Progress column format to table tag


  • Fix file naming of processed images
  • Fix issue where blank value passed for Group item selection
  • Add null ordering to OrderByFormat function
  • Fix dashboard options reset when no options exist
  • Fix issue with EmailBuilds query TotalRows



  • Improve manifest.xsl, add SiteSettings
  • Add grid view for page browsers
  • DB Add Grid NodeSettingOption to PageType NodeSetting Layout
  • Change Payment FormAction cc flow
  • Add Group.Options.Layout to Files cfg.circuit


  • Fix missing Pages FuseAction Module and add empty
  • Adding missing closing parentheses to ArrayAppends
  • Corrections for ticket 27951

The HillTop software is planned to be updated on Wednesday, December 17th between 11:00pm - 2:00am in the Senate and House. During this maintenance window, customers may experience up to 60 minutes of service interruption during which you will be unable to access the service. Customers will still be able to open new trouble tickets during the entire maintenance window. If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact your Support team directly at or (813) 549-0906.

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12/18/14 Current record