The following items are new features we've added to HillTop.

  • Ability to accociate Labels to Content Elements
    Label Affiliations 1.8

  • Advanced search option and multi-select capability for Content Elements
    Advanced Selector

  • Labels section display has been updated to show Label Types as sub-sections
    Label View 1.8

  • Improved Label associations - When labels are selected in Posts or Content Elements the display will show the selected Labels
    Labels selected 1.8

  • Ability to quickly add new Labels - When viewing a list of Labels for selection, a user can quickly add new Labels to existing Label Types.
    Quick label add 1.8

  • Meta Keyword generator added to the HTML editor - Allows users to generate keywords for use with the Meta Tag plugin when generating page content.
    Meta Key word 1.8

  • Calendar and time selector added for all date and time fields in Posts.
    Date selector 1.8

  • Improved Form field management options for Form Builder.
    Form field selector 1.8

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