GSL Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the software that delivers The Digital Bell, HillTop, and Frontrunner services. This release of the software is considered to be an incremental release and contains minor feature improvements and a number of bug fixes.

What You'll Notice As Being Different

  • School Lunch Planning -- This feature allows school district food managers to create a generic breakfast or lunch menu for a user specified number of days. Once created, the food schedule can then be applied to a calendar starting at any date. Options are included to permit holidays and school closing days to either be skipped or to have the food program delayed until school is once again back in session. The school district food manager can build a database of food items to be offered and has full control over the nutritional information associated with each food item. [Digital Bell]
  • High School Student Course Registration -- New functionality has been added that allows high school students to register for next year's courses by logging into the Digital Bell. The student's current teachers can make course recommendations for their existing students which the students will then see when they are making their course selections for the next year. [Digital Bell]
  • User Profiles -- Each user of the system now has a user profile. This profile contains basic contact information for the user including phone, email, and a photo. A role is associated with each profile and this controls what the user can do. User profile information is displayed as a part of each user's dashboard.

Detailed Feature Improvement Highlights:

  • Profiles and Profile Roles
    • Add Occupation to Profiles
    • Add Labels to ProfileRoles
    • Add a Profiles Application record
    • Create vProfileRoles view (for Element Type)
    • Add Profiles grid layout
    • Add Profile NodeSettings
  • Add GenerateSlug UDF
  • Add HasLabels to ElementTypes
  • School Registration Phase 2
    • Course Registration application for Students
    • CourseRegistration CFC
    • Page Browser with login through Access Code
    • Angular frontend for Selections/Alternates
    • Print view
  • Allow nullable Node Title and Pagename (DB)
  • Prepare for Posts as Nodes
  • Improve ProfileRole elements

Detailed Bugfix Highlights:

  • Fix Developer.Version fuse
  • Fix URLCreate and RouteCreate IsSecure
  • Fix script loop for School Menus Nutrition Facts modal
  • Let request.Skin.Settings values be created in the account settings
  • Fix Events missing CachePrefix on query call (for main/calendar layout)
  • Fix issue with Profile contact repetition due to bad column use

Technical Change Notes:


  • Update to Improved Logging
  • Add version check for Logging
  • Update dashboard profile UX
  • Add Edit current account to accounts TOC
  • School Registration: refactor local lib and add selections list
  • Set FormFormFields OrderBy to FAVs
  • add Data and Preview FuseAction to Pages for multiselect
  • add AllowRemove CRV option to Element Groupings
  • Fix URL of style resources in image tag
  • Add website to profiles
  • School Registration Phase 2
    • add Course Registration Page Element
    • add Table of Contents FuseActions to Course Registration Circuits
    • add create Course Segment on Course add action (with a flag of '')
    • add Grade Levels affiliations to Courses
    • add Subject filter to Courses
    • add shell for Course Registration Settings
    • rename Registration to Course Registration across CMS
    • add Student Selections/Alternates to Student View
  • Add Publisher permissions for Pages NEEDS CONFIG
  • Better ElementGrouping ordering
  • Improve the GenreateSlug UDF
  • Add support to ElemenTypes for HasLabels
  • Faster Permissions query for files circuits
  • Add labels filter to Profile Roles
  • Add Occupation to profiles


  • Fix Subscriber export
  • Fix dashboard widget list (to not check non-existent Home permission)
  • Fix issues with Posts as Nodes prep
  • Fix correct App for Pages permissions
  • Fix missing ContentRecordType_id when linked by complete lists of Posts #28443
  • Fix case insensitivity for Plugin values #28393
  • Fix issue where AdminProfile.Add trys to send you to AdminProfile.Home
  • Fix display of Profile Role add without permissions
  • Fix adding Profile Role to Group
  • Only attempt to use ElementType GroupOption SortBy if it exists
  • Fix DB version ws data, should have been schema 1,0,0,11
  • Fix profiles labels
  • Fix issue in IE9 with File Upload application/json does not work.
  • Fix MassAction Publish/Unpublish ContentRecord_id in return URL
  • TextBlocks: Do not require Content
  • Post query speedup, permissions were too slow as UDF

The Digital Bell and Frontrunner production software will be updated on Wednesday, March 11th, between 11:00pm - 2:00am. The HillTop production software is planned to be updated on Thursday, March 12th between 11:00pm - 2:00am. During this maintenance window customers may experience up to 60 minutes of service interruption during which you will be unable to access the service. Customers will still be able to open new trouble tickets during the entire maintenance window. If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact your Support team directly.

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