GSL Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of HillTop. This release of the software is considered to be an incremental release and contains minor feature improvements and a number of bug fixes. Offices using the "Gold" version of HillTop are updated automatically.

What You'll Notice As Being Different:

  • An improved UI that hides some of the unnecessary “clutter” that doesn't get used frequently when adding content.
  • A new image picker that makes the process of selecting an existing image or uploading a new image much easier. You can even do batch uploads while editing a page.
  • We simplified the process of entering text blocks. We used to present you with a bunch of options that you really didn't need to fill out, the options are still there but we've hidden them so that you won't get confused.
  • The product now supports multi-step web-forms. Previously, a website visitor would have to enter information on one long form. Now, you can break those fileds up into multiple steps or pages for one form. The user will enter the requested data on the first form and then hit "next" and the the next form form page will be displayed. We've discovered that users are much more likely to complete long forms when they are presented this way.
  • When you mark a page or a form to be "inactive," it will no longer be displayed when you view "list all." This makes it much easier to manage and work with just the pages and forms that are actually being displayed on your website. The inactive pages and forms can still be accessed when you do an "advanced search" and ask the system to display all of the inactive items in a list.

Feature Improvement Highlights:

  • Add plugin fields to Pages for top/bottom templates
  • Add Layout options to Links
  • Remove default enterprise skin
  • Add Form Steps
  • Add Plugin hooks for Nodes to Pages
  • Add Clear Feature feature
  • Update alert styles
  • Add bulk Admin actions
  • Add select2 custom tag
  • Prevent deletion of Home page

Bugfix Highlights:

  • Clean up error page
  • Fix page.cfc ID search to user lowercase
  • Fix Posts sidebar details for synced items
  • Fix affiliations not deleting with Events
  • Fix File Uploads quirks
  • Fix Embargo time not displaying on Hearings forms

The HillTop production software is planned to be updated on Tuesday, September 9 between 11:00pm - 2:00am. During this maintenance window customers may experience up to 60 minutes of service interruption during which you will be unable to access the service. Customers will still be able to open new trouble tickets during the entire maintenance window. If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact the GSL Support Team directly at

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