This article will explain how to redirect a page link on your website. By redirecting a link, all links to your chosen page will take your site's visitors to an alternate page. You can redirect links to both internal HillTop pages, and pages from external websites.

Step 1 - Edit the Page Properties

From your HillTop Dashboard, click the link labeled "Pages" in the menu at the top of the page. Browse through, or search the list of pages to locate the page you wish to redirect. Once you have found the appropriate page, click the Properties button (gear icon) to the left of the page title. This will take you to the page property editor.


Step 2 - Select Page or Enter URL

In the page property editor, scroll down to the "Redirect to Page" field. If you are redirecting to an internal HillTop page, use the "Redirect to Page" section to select it. If you are redirecting to a page on an external website, enter the URL address in the "Redirect to URL" field (ex.

Select Redirect Page


Finish - Click Submit

After you have selected the page you will redirect to, or entered a URL, click the "Submit" button to finalize your changes. Any new or existing links leading to this page will now be redirected to your chosen page.