This article will explain how to preview a new Web page. By previewing a new page, you can make sure it looks and behaves as intended, before others are able view it. It can also be useful to preview an existing Web page, if you are adding or editing content.


Step 1 - Set "Show in Menus" option to "No"

1. To view a page without making it public (viewable by site visitors), start by editing the page properties. To edit a page's properties, first click the "Pages" link, located in the top menu of your HillTop Dashboard.

2. Next, from your list of pages, locate the page you wish to preview and click the "Properties" button (gear icon) to the left of the page title. Clicking this button will take you to the properties form.

3. While viewing the properties form, locate the "Active?" option, and check to ensure it is set it to "Yes," then set the "Show In Menus?" option to "No," as shown in the example image. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the form, and click the "Submit" button. This will allow you to preview the page, but will not allow visitors to find and view the page, through your Web site's navigation menus.

Step 2 - Add or Edit your Content

After clicking the "Submit" button, you will be taken to the content editor, and can begin adding or editing your content. For more information on adding or editing content, see Add Content Elements to a Page.

Step 3 - Click the View on Website Button

Once you have finished creating or editing your content, click the green "View on Website" button, located in the right margin. This button will open the page you are currently editing in a new browser tab, allowing you to see how the page will look to your Web site's visitors.

Finish - Set "Show in Menus" to "Yes"

When you are satisfied with the preview, return to the properties form by clicking the "Edit Properties" link, located in the right margin of the page you are currently editing. In the properties form, again locate the "Show in Menus?" option, and set it to "Yes." Finally, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the "Submit" button to complete the process.