Posts can be used to update your Web pages with new content, dynamically; as opposed to using a static Content Element, such as a Text Block. Posts can include news articles, calendar events, or even map locations.


Posts Selection

Create a New Post Type

This tutorial explains how to create new Post Types, which are used to categorize your Posts. A Post Type must be created before any individual Posts can be added.

Add a New Post

Once you have created your Post Types, you can now add your individual Posts. This page will teach you how.

Place Post Types on a Page

This page will explain how to add the Posts you have created to your Web pages. The various display options for your Posts are also discussed.

Editing an Existing Post

Once you have created a Post, you can return to edit it at any time. This tutorial will explain how.

Creating and Using Themes

The Themes feature allows you to create collections of images for use with regularly occurring posts. 

You can create themes for your posts about energy, agriculture, education, and more. This tutorial explains how to create themes and apply them to Posts.


Maps are an alternate Post Type format that can be created in the same way as a regular, text-based Post Type. This tutorial will explain how to create and add maps to your Web page.