Web pages are the central, public facing component of HillTop. 

This section contains tutorials for creating new pages, designing custom layouts, and more page-related functions.

Pages Selection

Create a New Page

This tutorial contains step-by-step instructions for creating a new Web page.


Add Content Elements to a Page

This tutorial details the available Content Elements you can add to your Web pages.


Use the WYSIWYG Toolbar

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) toolbar allows you to format your text-based content. This tutorial details the toolbar's functions.


Preview a Page

The page preview function allows you to make sure your new Web page will be displayed as you intend it, before it becomes public. This article shows you how to preview your Web pages.

Adding Images & Photos

This tutorial explains the process of uploading images to The Digital Bell, and adding them to your Web pages.


Manage Image Galleries

An Image Gallery is a collection of images or photos that is displayed in a "slideshow" format. This tutorial explains how to add an Image Gallery to your page and populate it with images.


Bulk Add Pages

The Bulk Add form allows you to add multiple pages to your Web site, at once. This tutorial will explain how to create multiple pages, and assign them a path on your site.


Ordering Subpages

The Subpage Order determines how your pages are displayed in menus, such as the "Related Links" sidebar. 

The following tutorial will explain how to select the order in which your pages are displayed.

Using SEO Options

SEO options allow you to determine whether or not a page should be available in search engine results. This tutorial explains where to find these options, and how to set them.