This tutorial will explain how to create "members" for your site, and restrict selected pages to those with member log-ins. Note that this feature works for published Web pages, accessible by any individual with the page's URL and log-in credentials. Restricted pages will display a log-in screen, requiring the correct user name and password before the page's content can be viewed.
Creating A New Member

Step 1 - Navigate to the Members Section

Mouse over the "Site Tools" link, located in the menu at the top of your HillTop Dashboard, then click the "Members" link in the drop down menu. This will bring you to the "Members" section of your Dashboard. Next, click the "Add new Member" link, located in the right margin.

Members Link


Step 2 - Complete the Form

After clicking the "Add new Member" link, you will be forwarded to the "Add Member" form. The form fields are described in detail below. Only fields marked with an asterisk (*) are necessary for adding a member profile.

Login Information

Login Information

  • Username: Enter the username for the new member.

  • Password:  Enter the password for the new member. Note, the username and password entered here will be separate from the user's HillTop log-in credentials, and used only for accessing restricted pages within the site.

  • Is Active: This option is used to select the activation status of the member.

    Selecting "Yes" will enable the member's log-in information, allowing them to access member-restricted pages.

    Selecting "No" will allow you to create a member profile, but will not enable their log-in information.

    Selecting "Defer" will allow you to create a member profile, while leaving the decision of activating their log-in information to another HillTop user or administrator. This is the default setting.

Name Information

Name Information

  • Prefix:  Enter a Prefix (ex. Mr. or Ms.)

  • First:  Enter the member's first name.

  • Last: Enter the member's last name.

Location Information

Location Information

  • Address: Enter the member's street address.

  • City:  Enter the city.

  • State:  Enter the state.

  • Postal Code:  Enter the postal code.

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Phone:  Enter the member's phone number.

  • E-mail Address:  Enter the member's e-mail address.


Finish - Click "Submit"

When you have finished completing the form, click the "Submit" button to create your new member. The following tutorial will explain how to restrict page access to users with member log-in credentials.

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Restrict Access to a Page

Step 1 - Edit the Page Properties

Begin by clicking the "Pages" link, located in the menu at the top of your HillTop Dashboard. Locate, or search for, the page you wish to restrict. Once you have located the appropriate page, click the Properties button (gear icon) to the left of the page title. This will bring you to the page properties editor.

Properties Button


Step 2 - Modify the "Require Account" Option

In the properties editor, scroll down and locate the "Secure By" section. If this section is collapsed, click the text to expand it. Here, you will find the "Require Account" option. Select "Yes" to restrict this page to users with member log-in credentials. 

Require Account Option


Finish - Click "Submit"

After selecting "Yes," scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Submit" button to finalize your changes. Your page will now display a log-in screen, when accessed.

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