Lables are used for grouping and catagorizing your content; allowing you to easily display any related content. While Labels are most commonly attached to Posts, they can also be attached to any of the Content Elements listed in the Applications section of the Label Type creation/edit form.

Note: Ensure a Label Type has been created before beginning this tutorial.


Step 1 - View your Label Types

Mouse over the "Site Tools" link, located at the top of your HillTop Dashboard. Next, click the "Labels" link, on the drop-down menu.

Labels Link

Clicking this link will bring you to the Label Type Directory. Your existing Label Types are displayed here - listed within separate boxes. Locate the box for the Label Type you wish to create a new Label for (Ex. "Issues"), and click the "Add a new (Label)" link.

Add New Label Link


Step 2 - Complete the Form

After clicking the link, you will be forwarded to the Label creation form. Next, you will enter the information for your new Label in the fields described below. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Add New Label form

Title Information

  • *Title: The title of your new Label.
  • *Name: The "Name" is the internal designation for your label. It will auto-complete, based on your title.

Display Information

  • *Singular and Plural: Here, you will enter the singular and plural forms of your Label, (i.e. News Article/News Articles). 
  • *Is Active: This option determines whether your Label is "active" on your Web site. Selecting "Yes" will allow you to apply the Label to Content Elements. Selecing "No" effectively removes the Label from your site, while keeping it stored for later use. This option can be changed at any time by editing your Label
  • Weight: This option allows you to assign a number (positive or negative) to your Label, which sets the "weight." The "weight" determines how Content Elements, with your new Label attached, will be listed -- in relation to other labeled content. 

    The lower the "weight" the higher it will be displayed on any lists.

View More Options

Click "View More Options" to access the "Affiliated Content" section. If you are creating a Label hierarchy, you can use this section to attach an existing Label to your new Label. 

Affiliated Content

Affiliated Content

  • Click "expand all" to view the available Labels (if any) you can attach to your new Label.


Finsh - Click Submit

Once you have completed the form, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. Your new Label will now be added to your chosen Label Type. Labels can then be applied to Content Elements by clicking the collapsed "Labels" (or "Affiliations") section, and then ticking the check boxes for the individual Label(s).

However, note that the Label Type must be allowed access to the specific Content Element you wish to apply the Label to. This can be accomplished by ticking the check box of the selected Content Element in the Applications section of the Label Type creation/edit form.

Optional - Editing an Existing Label

Your Labels can be edited at any time by, first, placing your mouse cursor over the "Site Tools" link, located in the menu at the top of the page. From the drop-down list that appears, click the "Labels" link. Then, from your Dashboard's Label Type directory, locate the appropriate Label Type for the Label you wish to edit.

Once you have located the correct Label Type, click the "View the list of (Label Type)" link. Finally, from your list of individual Labels, click the Edit button (pencil icon) to the left of the approprirate Label's title.