1. Navigate to your Documents

Begin by mousing over the "Warehouse" tab (located in the menu at the top of any Digital Bell page) to create a drop-down menu. Next, mouse over the "Files" tab to create a second menu. Finally, click on the "Documents" link. This will bring you to a page that lists the files that have been uploaded to your Warehouse.

2. Locate the file you would like to link to, then click the Edit button to the left of the title. This will bring you to the "Edit Document" page for you selected file. The "Public Link" will be listed in the right sidebar of this page.

Edit Document

3. To copy the URL, first mouse over the "Public Link" text. 

Public Link

Next, right-click and select "Copy link address" (or "Copy link location" depending on your web browser) to copy the URL to your clipboard. Once the URL has been copied, it can then be pasted wherever necessary.

NOTE: In order to copy the correct URL, you must right-click and select the appropriate option from the pop-up menu. Clicking the link and copying the URL from your browser's address bar will result in a link to the file cache, which can change when the server's file cache is cleared.

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