The Text Block element can be used to add a YouTube video to your page. 

1. Copy the Embed Code

Begin by uploading your video to YouTube. Once the video has been uploaded, view the page for the video.  Next, click the "Share" link, located below the video player itself. Finally, click the "Embed" option, then highlight and copy the supplied code.

youtube embed code

2. Edit your Page

Once you have the embed code copied, return to HillTop and edit the content of the page you wish to add the video to. In the content editor, add a new Text Block Group to the page by clicking the "Text Block" link, under the "Add Content" heading in the right sidebar.

After clicking the link, a new Text Block Group will appear on your page. If necessary, reposition your new Text Block group by clicking and dragging the Move button ("four arrows" icon) in the upper left hand corner of the group. Finally, click the "+New Text Block" button on the bottom of the group to bring up the editing window. 

3. Edit the Text Block

In the editing window, click the "HTML" button, located on the far right-hand side of the toolbar's 3rd row. This will bring up the "HTML Source" window. Here, paste in the embed code you copied earlier, and click the "Update" button. You should now see the video within the Text Block. Finally, click the "Submit" button to add the video to the page.

Note: If you are familiar with HTML, the embed code can also be pasted into any existing Text Block (see example image below).

html source editor

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