A Label Type must be created before you can add individual Labels to your site. Label Types allow you to organize your Labels, for example, the Label Type "Issues" could contain the individual labels "Defense," "Agriculture," and "Transportation." The following tutorial will explain how to create a Label Type for your site.


Step 1 - Click Add New Label Type

To create a new label type, mouse over the "Tools" tab, located in the top menu of your HillTop Dashboard. From the drop-down menu, mouse over the "Labels" tab, then click on "Manage Label Types."  This will take you to the Label Types directory, which lists your existing Label Types, grouped into separate sections. In the right margin of this page, click the "+Add new Label Type" link.

Manage Label Types Link


Step 2 - Complete the Form

After clicking the link, you will be forwarded to the "Add Label Type" form. The fields and options displayed on this form are described in detail, below. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to submit the form.

Title Information

Title Information

  • Title: The title of your Label Type. 

  • Name: This is the internal designation for your Label Type. This field will auto-complete, using your title.

Display Information

Display Information

  • Singular and Plural: These are the singular and plural terms used to describe your Label Type. For example, if your Label Type is titled "News Articles," the singular form would be "News Article," while the plural would be "News Articles."

  • Is Active: This option determines whether the Label Type is currently in use, on your Web site. 

  • Weight: This option determines how the label type is sorted, in comparison to other Label Types. The lower the weight of your Label Type, the higher it will be displayed on any lists, relative to other Label Types.

Affiliated Content

Affiliated Content

  • Applications:  Labels created under this Label Type can be attached to any of the Content Elements (Posts, Text Blocks, etc.), or other Web site components (Pages, Files, etc.) listed in this section. 

    For example, by checking the box for "Posts," you will be able to attach any Labels created under this Label Type to your Posts. Note, if no selection is made, your Labels will not be selectable when creating new content.

Content Information

Content Information

  • Content: This field is for internal use - allowing you to enter a description of your new Label Type for other HillTop users. The information entered here will not appear on the public site.

  • Abstract: This field is also for internal use. Here, you can enter a short summary of the information in the Content field.

Finish - Click Submit

Once the form is complete, click the "Submit" button. This will add your new Label Type to the Labels Directory, which you can reach by mousing over the "Site Tools" link, then clicking "Labels." Once you have created a Label Type, you can now create individual Labels.