When creating a new page, or editing the properties of an existing page, you have the option to design a customized layout. The Page Layout feature allows you to decide exactly where each of your Content Elements are placed, by creating a template of rows and columns.

The following tutorial will explain how to design a Page Layout, and position your Content Elements.

Step 1 - Edit your Page Properties

You can design a Page Layout while you are in the process of creating a new page, or when editing the properties of an existing page. If you are creating a new page, locate the "Page Layout" section of the page creation form.

To edit the properties of an existing page, click the "Pages" link, located in the menu at the top of your Dashboard. Locate the page you wish to customize, then click the Properties button (gear icon) to the left of the page title. In the page properties editor, scroll down to the "Page Layout" section.

Once you have located the "Page Layout" section, you can begin creating rows and columns. The adjacent image contains an example of a finished layout.

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Step 2 - Adding Rows and Columns

To add a row, click on the drop-down menu labeled "Add a row." This menu will contain several options, with the percentages denoting the column width(s) for that row. For example, the "75%/25%" option will create a row with two columns; one that takes up 75% of the row, and another that occupies the remaining 25%.

Clicking a menu option will add that row to your layout. Multiple rows can be created by, again, clicking "Add a row," then clicking a menu option.

After clicking on an option from the drop-down menu, a graphical representation of your new row will be displayed to the left of the menu, as seen in the adjacent image. Your page's Content Elements can be placed within any of the numbered sections.

Once you have finished editing or creating your page, click the "Submit" button.

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Step 3 - Deleting Rows

To delete a row, mouse over the row you wish to delete. When the row is highlighted in red, click the row to delete it.

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Step 4 - Edit your Content

Content Elements can now be assigned to the sections you have created, in the content editor.

If you have created a new page, you will be forwarded to the content editor upon submitting the page creation form. Next, add Content Elements to your page, using the links listed under the "Add Content" heading in the right margin.

If you are editing an existing page, click the "Pages" link, located in the menu at the top of your Dashboard, then open the content editor by clicking the Edit button (pencil icon) to the left of the appropriate page's title.

To begin assigning your Content Elements, click the icon representing your layout, as shown in the adjacent image.

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Step 5 - Assign Layout Cells to Content

When clicked, the icon will expand to display an enlarged view of your layout.

Click the section you wish to assign your Content Element to, then click the "Submit" button. Click the icon and select a section for each of your page's Content Elements.

Note, if you assign more than one Content Element to the same section, the elements will stack in the order they appear in the content editor.

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