A Post Type is a catagory for your Posts that needs to be created before any individual posts can be added.

For example, if you would like to add news articles to your site, you would first create a Post Type named "News."

Below, you will find instructions for creating a new Post Type.

Step 1 - Click "Manage Post Types"

To create a new Post Type, begin by placing your mouse cursor over the "Posts" tab, located at in the menu at the top of your HillTop Dashboard. Next, click on "Manage Post Types" in the drop down menu.

This will take you to a list of existing Post Types on your Web site. In the right margin of this page, click the button labeled "+Create."


Step 2 - Complete the Form

After clicking the "+Create" button, a form will appear, as shown in the image below. The form is split up into sections, and each section has fields to complete.  They are shown and described in the images below. 

Title Information

  • Title: This is the title for your Post Type.
  • Name: This is the internal identifier for your Post Type.
  • Singular and Plural: These are the singular and plural forms of your Post Type title. (ex. Singular: Newsletter, Plural: Newsletters)
  • Default Page: You can set a default page that is used to load this specific Post Type.

Display Information

  • WeightThis option determines your Post Type's priority on a page. The lower the Weight, the higher your post will be displayed in a list.
  • Active?: This option determines whether or not this Post Type is available to display on your website.

Affiliated Content

  • Label Types: Choose the Label Types you want this Post Type to be associated with.
  • Labels: Choose the Labels that you want to be associated with the Post Type.


  • Groups: Select the User groups who will have access to your Post Type.
  • Admins: Select specific Users you would like to give ownership permissions to.

NOTE: A Group or Admin must be selected in the section. Only the Groups/Admins selected in the section will be able to add/edit posts.

Content Information

  • Content: Text entered into this field will give a description of what type of content belongs in the Post Type. It is visible only to Users who are assigning Posts to this Post Type.
  • Abstract: This field allows you to enter a short summary of what you have entered into the Content field. It will display in the list of Post Types on the "Manage Post Types" page.


Finish - Click Submit

Once you have completed each section, click the "Submit" button to create your new Post Type. You can edit your Post Types at any time by returning to the "Manage Post Types" page on your Dashboard and clicking the "Edit" button (pencil icon) to the right of the Post Type title.